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Created in 2019 by artist designer Cathy Molaschi, "BOHO ME" is a bohemian-chic style jewellery brand at the crossroads of influences between East and West. It is also a label, which stands for quality as everything is designed and handcrafted in our studio in Switzerland. All the materials are carefully chosen. Colourful jade pieces, turquoise, 18 or 24k gold-plated marrying semi-precious stones, wooden or glass beads, raw brass bracelets, gold, rose gold, silver or rhodium plated, woven with coloured ribbons, dainty chains and so much more to discover. All the pieces in the various collections are unique. Each of our creations is created with love and attention; each has its own singularity so that their individuality meets your personality.

Being boho (abbreviation for bohemian in english), Cathy describes it as: "More than a fashion or a style, itis a way of thinking and living in full respect of yourself, of others and of what surrounds you. Itis the discipline and exercise of a free spirit which brings a certain lightness, a well-being and serenity to everything you do. "

Navigating through the different collections, you realise there is a piece for any occasion and every moment of the day.  Their only purpose is to bring you happiness and to share all the good vibes which fill the designer's workshop.

BOHO ME uses to say: "Stay cool ... but never forget to listen to your wild side".

Cathy Molaschi is a Swiss-born creator with italian roots from her mother as well as swiss, italian and hungarian  ones from her father. She grew up in Lausanne, Switzerland, being exposed to creativity at a young age, as her father was a drawer, painter and interior designer.

She studied Social & Political Sciences at University, tried her hand at shipbroking and public relations, lived many years abroad between London, Singapore and Hong Kong, became mother of two and moved back to Switzerland, where  she opened her own decoration shop in the heart of Lausanne. At the same time and for 4 years, she was a decoration chronicler in a DIY show on national television. In 2019, she made way to her new project : BOHO ME

When asked “What inspires you?” , Cathy responded: “Many things. Nature, travels, music, architecture, art in general, good and bad experiences, people, it depends. When you actually take the time to open your eyes and look around you, you realise there is a lot of beauty, a lot of details that move you, that you are going to be influenced and inspired by.

I love to incorporate all that into my work. I’ve never really followed fashion trends. To me, fashion trends are to be used as a source of inspiration, as a guideline, on which you will dance, like a tightrope walker, according to your personality and your sensibility, without knowing exactly where all these emotions are going to lead you”.