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Handmade Jewellery with a Bohemian Chic
MUSTANG BOHO ME BOX B gold plated 18ct b
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IMG_7922_Facetune_11-04-2021-18-37-29 2.

Dear customers,

Dear customers, I am working on my new site in order to offer you a showcase of what I will now offer you at the Boutique-Showroom ONLY.

Indeed, the online store no longer exists for the simple and excellent reason that the BOHO ME Boutique Showroom, located in Belmont-sur-Lausanne,

has become our meeting place and our link.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing this atypical and charming place to life through your visits and feedback.

Do you want to come discover and try out the different creations still available?

Call me on 079 650 11 25 or send me a private message on Instagram at


See you soon on the showcase site and at the Boutique Showroom

Much Love


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